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What We Do

Employee Experience

We combine methods of user experience (goal: enthusiastic users) with insights of psychology (research on positive psychology, resilience, empowerment and basic psychological needs), with the goal to make people in and with work satisfied, enthusiastic, motivated and thus more effective.

The optimization of the employee experience can refer to the physical and digital workplace, but also to the cultural, communicative, organizational and strategic aspects of the work.

As part of a user-centered development process, the requirements and needs of employees are first of all surveyed using a survey method specially developed by us. It combines aspects of the “employee journey” with positive and negative experiences during the work, which in turn are linked to the feelings experienced in the process. We can do this both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Our Tools

In the analysis phase, a number of known UX tools are used, e.g. the creation of Personas and Employee Journey Maps, the elaboration of “Moments of Experience” and the development of cultural principles.
In the design and testing (implementation) phase, depending on the results of the analysis phase, a number of development projects are started, e.g.

  • Strategy and cultural work
  • Team and organizational development measures, coaching
  • Service Design (e.g., redesigning the journeys of a candidate or new employee)
  • Targeted UX optimization of IT processes
  • Holistic Optimization of the Employee Journey

The project itself is conducted as a Design Thinking project in close collaboration with the company’s HR department.

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