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What We Do

User Experience Research

In a century devoted to a digital lifestyle where people interact with products, services and applications, a deep understanding of our target audience and their experiences is paramount.

User Experience Research is an essential part of the development process to help identify the right way to an appealing and successful product or service. It prevents us from designing from only one perspective: Our perspective. We include the end user’s point of view and therefore improve our understanding of customer’s needs, goals and mental models.

Study types

Formative testing
Do you want to verify if your new interaction concept works for your target audience? Do you want to find out why your customers drop out of your check-out process? We create study designs tailored to your individual research question. A 1-day user-interview-cum-workshop (User Feedback Day) that quickly provides you with the much needed input, an iterative study that moves your concept to a usable product in a short timeframe, or an extensive multi-country study that addresses all markets relevant to you. We are an experienced team of researchers and together we will get you the input you need to create an appealing product for your customers.

Summative testing & benchmarking
Do you want to measure how your product’s user experience improves over time? Want to find out how it compares to your competitors? We deliver answers by conducting custom-built summative user experience studies, in which members of your target audience perform a standardized set of relevant use scenarios with your (and the competition’s) products. We will collect and analyse objective usage data as well as quantitative subjective feedback (using industry-recognized scales) to inform your strategic decisions. No product limits are set. We have extensive experience conducting summative UX studies for a variety of goods, starting with websites and apps, up to white goods or cars.

User research
Want to know more about your target audience? Want to understand the context in which they use your product or what they think about your new ideas? We invite you to join us and observe them during in-home-visits or at their workplace, discuss ideas with them in focus groups or in-depth interviews, or observe their evolving experiences in diary studies.

Custom project?

Your project doesn’t fit into one of these categories? Most projects won’t! That’s why our Experience Creators will work with you to design a customized research approach to help you reach your objectives.

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