Confidentiality agreement and property rights

Confidentiality agreement

I am aware that through my participation in today’s study, I will come into possession of familiar information. This proprietary information may be of a technical or commercial nature and may be disclosed or obtained by uintent or otherwise. Confidential information may include, but is not limited to, forms, data, products, designs, drawings, computer drawings and other computer files, computers, software, ideas, improvements, inventions, strategies, or financial information.

With my signature I confirm that I will not pass on any confidential information, in particular about the products being tested today and about the study itself, to third parties (persons or companies). All such information is confidential and proprietary and will be made available to me solely for the purpose of conducting this study.

Property rights

I hereby grant uintent GmbH an exclusive, irrevocable, transferable, temporally and locally unlimited right of use to all work results (ideas, inventions, concepts), which have come about through me within the scope of the above-mentioned study.

The right of use of uintent GmbH includes the right to rework, duplicate, change and extend the work results and to use the performance results created thereby in the same way as the original work results. Furthermore, this includes the right of distribution, sublicensing, transfer to third parties and publication.


Any questions?

Should you have any questions regarding your participation in this study or this privacy policy and your consent, you can call us or send us an email. 


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