Employee Experience

Increase your employees' happyness and productivity - with our Employee Experience methods

Our Employee Experience approach ultimately improves the long term relationship between the company and the individual employee – to the benefit of both parties.

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“User Experience (UX) makes users happy, Employee Experience makes employees happy. It is as simple as that.”

Employee Experience (EX) describes the sum of all experiences that employees have with a company - which are hopefully as positive as possible.

The importance of corporate culture for the sustainable success of a company is often underestimated. Employee Experience is not just a new buzzword for personnel management or human resources (HR), nor is it just aimed at increasing employee engagement in the short term. EX evaluates the needs and wishes of the employees of a company using the methods of the User Centered Design Process. These can then be taken into account in business decisions to bring about long-term, employee-centered improvements. In the process, the goals and requirements of the company and its employees are brought into line.

But EX is also not only a means to an end to increase productivity. Even short-term benefits, such as healthy smoothies or monetary incentives, do not in themselves create a positive employee experience. The company is rather thought of as a system: Processes, communication, technologies, work environment and corporate culture are areas that are addressed. The aim is to create a motivating and lively working environment that takes into account modern companies and their employees.

In order to dedicate ourselves to this goal, our EX expert Tim Bosenick has created the blog Employee-Experience.de together with experts from various fields. On this blog they inform and discuss about exciting trends, news and questions about Employee Experience. 

Always with heart and soul and always with the people in focus.  

Of course, the principles of Employee Experience are also lived within our team. With uintent we create a corporate culture in which we enjoy working and which motivates us anew every day. The principles of this vision and our identity have been laid down in a manifesto


Meet Tim, our lead Employee Experience expert

Let’s discuss what we can do to learn more about your employees and how to improve their experience.

Tim Bosenick

Managing director and leading employee experience expert at UINTENT HAMBURG


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