Instructions on how to attend a remote interview session you have been invited to

Thank you for your participation in our remote interview. Before we can start, we need to take some steps to allow you to talk to our moderator and to see what we want to talk to you about.

If you have any questions about the procedure, please feel free to send us an email.

Woman with headset

Things to do before the interview

You will need to either use a laptop or stationary computer, or a smartphone (connected to a stable WiFi connection) to partake in this interview. 
If during the recruitment process, you have been asked to use a specific type of device for this interview, please use that device.
If no specific device type has been communicated during your recruitment, please use a laptop or desktop computer.

Please use a headset on smartphone or computer devices during the interview to improve audio quality.

Please start the interview in a quiet location, where you can spend the duration of the interview. Please do not take part in the interview from a public place.

Please test the video conferencing software (on laptop or stationary computer)

You can find information on testing the software on mobile devices below.

You can test your connection to our video conferencing tool Zoom prior to the scheduled time by visiting http://zoom.us/test

  1. Once on the Zoom test page, click on the blue Join button to launch Zoom.
  1. If you do not already have Zoom installed on your computer, follow the prompts to download and run Zoom. Click on the download file if it does not open automatically and follow the computer prompts to install.
  2. Once Zoom is installed, it will open the Zoom window.
  1. In order to protect your privacy during the interview, please remove the pre-set name in the input field with “test” and click “Join Meeting”
  1. If you have a webcam installed in your computer, Zoom will try to access it. In this case, the screen displayed above will be shown. Please click “Join with video” now (you’ll be able to switch this later if you do not want to share your video).
  1. Next, Zoom will play back a sound through your default speaker. You can select a different speaker using the dropdown menu below the two buttons. Should you not be able to hear the ring tone, make sure that your output device has not been muted in your operating system and adjust the volume if necessary.

    Click “Yes” if you hear the ringtone.
  1. Next, Zoom will test your microphone. Simply speak and pause – you should be able to hear what you said with a small delay. Should you have a webcam and a headset attached to your computer Please make sure that the microphone of your headset is used (by selecting it from the dropdown menu).

    Press “Yes” if you can hear yourself during the test.

  1. Once both tests have been completed sucessfully, please click “Join with Computer Audio”
  1. You now have the option to test your audio again or to join the test meeting.Please click “Join with Computer Audio” again.
  1. During any Zoom meeting you can switch your audio options, mute the audio, and dis- or enable your video through the buttons in the bottom left of the screen.

    You can now close the Zoom client.

Please test the video conferencing software (on mobile devices)

You can find information on testing the software on laptops and stationary devices above.

You can test your connection to our video conferencing tool Zoom prior to the scheduled time by visiting http://zoom.us/test

  1. If you do not have the Zoom app installed on your device, please install it from your app store.
    A link can be found on top of the Zoom page (http://zoom.us/test) – simply click the “View” link and a page will be loaded that provides several options for installing the app (we recommend the option to install from the Play store (on Android) or the App store (on iPhones and other Apple devices).
Zoom Test page
  1. Once the Zoom app is installed on your device, simply click the Join button on the zoom.us/test website to launch Zoom.
  2. On some devices, the system will ask you which app you want to use to open the link – select the Zoom app and continue (either by clicking “just this once” or “always”). 
  3. Zoom might also ask for permission to use your microphone and camera if you are using it for the first time – please grant these permissions. 
  1. In order to protect your privacy during the interview, please remove the pre-set name in the input field with “test” and click “Join Meeting”
  2. If Zoom has not connected the audio by default, please click the “Connect Audio” button or the callout bubble above it at the bottom left of the screen.
  1. Once it has been connected, the test is complete and you can close the app.

Things to do on the day of the interview

  1. Please open the link that we sent you a few minutes before the time the session is scheduled for. The link will take you to a page on zoom.us.
  2. You will then be prompted to download the Zoom client – please do so and start the downloaded application afterwards.
  3. You might be prompted for your name. Please make sure that you do not enter your own name (in order to protect your privacy – please enter something different – e.g. “test”), then click “Join meeting” in that window.
  1. Zoom might at this point ask you to agree to their terms & conditions – please click “I agree” if this happens.
  1. Afterwards, you’ll be placed in the waiting area, until the moderator lets you access the meeting.
  1. Once the moderator lets you enter the meeting, you can select to either join the meeting audio via your computer (this is recommended if you use a headset with microphone on your computer) or via phone (select this option at the top of the window if you want to use your phone).
    • Should you decide to join via phone, please click the “Phone Call” tab at the top of the window. Zoom will show you a number of dial-in numbers, a meeting ID and your attendee ID – please call one of the numbers provided and enter the information when prompted. Click the button below the phone number information afterwards (“Done”). 
    • Should you want to join the meeting audio via your headset, please click the button “Join with Computer Audio” – Zoom will then select your default microphone and speakers as input and output devices. You can change these settings later in the session by clicking on the small arrow next to the microphone icon at the bottom of the Zoom window.
  1. Your audio will be muted automatically when entering the meeting. Please unmute your audio by going to the options bar in the Zoom window (It is either located at the top of the Zoom screen or at the bottom) Click the “Unmute” button at the very left of the bar to unmute your audio.
  1. In the same bar, please start your video by pressing “Start video”.
  1. In some sessions you might need to set your audio to the correct language. If the option “Interpretation” is displayed in the bar, please click it and select your own language.
  1. Should you have any issues with joining the session on the day of your interview, please call our office: (DE) +49 (0)40 8821566 70 (CH) +41 78 829 88 66

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