Tabea Daunus

Position: Certified medical device usability expert & rider
My official qualification for this job
  • Specialist in market and social research (commercial education)
  • Speak German and English
  • 5 years of experience in UX research
My real qualification for this job
  • First of all: I love what I do
  • I enjoy the versatility of this job and working with different characters all around the world
  • I like to be immersed in new topics and challenges
  • I’m a team player
  • I’m an organizer and work client-oriented
What I am particularly good at
  • User research: I know a variety of methods and can quickly familiarize myself with new topics and areas
  • Healthcare: I know the regulations and can conduct formative and summative HF studies (I’m a certified Medical Devices Usability Expert (TÜV certified).
  • I’m the quality manager in our team and responsible for our quality management systems (ISO 9001)
The notorious fun facts you need to have on such a page
  • I’m a passionate hiker
  • I’m the “Nesthäkchen” of the uintent family (and smallest in height)

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