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“Culture is a beast” – an interview with Tim Bosenick in planung&analyse

In the latest issue of planung&analyse our managing director Tim Bosenick talks about employee experience and the importance of a great company culture.

Employee experience in times of “War for talents”

In 2000 Tim Bosenick founded SirValUse as one of the first UX & Usability agencies for user research. His goal for employees: “It must be really cool to work at SirValUse.”

As managing director at uintent and co-owner of ReSight Global, he is now more than ever committed to developing a good company culture. He has made team building and organizational development his core areas.

In the new issue of planung&analyse you can read all about the model of an employee-owned company and the implementation of Employee Experience in your company.
You can download the article here: dfv-archiv

“It makes a difference whether you work in an owner-managed company or in a centralized enterprise. Market research is still a people’s business.”

About planung&analyse

Founded in 1974, the market research magazine planung&analyse one of the leading trade journals for market research and marketing in Germany. In six issues per year practice-related and current contributions are published regarding projects, concepts and methods of the market research and marketing industry.
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