uintent is now official sponsor of the German UPA

We are proud to announce that we are now an official sponsor of the German UPA – the association for UX & Usability Professionals – to promote our profession and support the dissemination of topics related to Usability & UX.

As UX & Usability professionals (or as we like to call us ‘Experience Creators’), we know how hard it can be to find the right people that share your excitement about the topic User Experience and Usability. Therefore, we value the work of the German UPA as a network by and for Usability & UX experts. Being a sponsor we want to support the association in its activities and help to spread the awareness of usability and user experience in the economy.

About the German UPA

The German UPA is the largest association for UX & Usability professionals in German-speaking countries. The association consists of a wide network of usability experts and lives from the voluntary work of its members.
Their aim is the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of topics related to usability and user experience. Another important aspect is the definition and promotion of the profession ‘Usability professional’ with quality standards, webinars, summer school programs and much more.

Read more about the association and their work: germanupa.de


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