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uintent @ World Usability Day 2019 – designing the future we work in

This year our Experience Creators Matthias Gasser and Felix Vollmuth attended the World Usability Day in Hamburg, Germany and Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland with a presentation on how we created a company culture that empowers your employees and creates long-term commitment.

This year’s motto of the World Usability Day (WUD): “Designing for the future we want”. We design our lives every day with the decisions we make. Whatever we decide as UX researchers and designers in our daily work, can also have an influence on the user’s lives- on the way they use and experience our products or services.

The focus of this year’s WUD was to share trends and thoughts on how we can shape the future with our work and enrich the world with better experiences for users.
Making the world better, also means making the world better for your employees: To create an environment where employees are motivated by their work with long-term commitment and where “fun” is not only a buzzword.
This is what we accomplished at uintent. We created our own “New work” future and we wanted to share our approach with others. Therefore, our colleagues Felix Vollmuth and Matthias Gasser presented at the WUD in Hamburg and Rapperswil-Jona.

They talked about why we had the idea to found an employee owned company, about our structure and philosophy and about the challenges we faced and still need to overcome.
The feedback both speakers got was very positive. Of course, there is no “one-fits-all” solution, but maybe the talks inspired people to rethink their ways of working and (sometimes rigid) company structure.
Let us tell you one thing: When you empower employees, good things happen. Employee-ownership instills a pride in your work, office, and company culture. We designed our work environment exactly the way we wanted and, of course, there is lots of room for fun and nonsense.

You can listen to Matthias’ talk here: Stop complaining, Start acting

or read Felix’s presentation: Selbstverwaltung auf Unternehmenslevel – ein neuer Ansatz für die Arbeitsorganisation.

If you want to know more about us and our company culture visit our website www.uintent.com or contact us directly! We are happy to tell you more about our story.

“When you empower employees, good things happen.”
Matthias’ talk illustrated by echtpraktisch.ch

About the event

The World Usability Day is an annual event to promote the achievements and insights of the usability and user experience industry. It connects research, industry, education and users who want to create better experiences around the world.
200 events are conducted in more than 40 countries to strengthen the UX and Usability community. Each year the World Usability Day adopts a different motto and organizations or individuals are encouraged to give a talk or hold a workshop to share insights and knowledge according to the theme.

Coordinated by the national associations of usability and user experience professionals, the German UPA is the contact for all German-speaking WUDs. Every year, the events in the various locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland attract more than 5000 participants (by German UPA. https://germanupa.de/events/world-usability-day).


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