Based in Hamburg, Basel, and Munich but doing research across the globe

Our headquarter is located in the heart of Hamburg, with research facilities onsite; this provides easy access for both clients and study participants.

Hamburg facilities

  • One large test room (ca. 20 sqm) with one-way mirror
  • Corresponding observation room with one-way mirror for up to eight observers (ca. 15 sqm)
  • Large TV-screens to transmit settings and test device screens
  • Workshop hardware such as whiteboard wall and flip charts
  • One Additional smaller lab to allow for parallel testing
  • One interpreter room including full interpreter setup (for recordings with both local language and target language)
  • 100 Mbit fiber optic internet guarantees flawless sessions
  • Live-video streaming through our own server with encrypted stream
  • The rooms are based on the ground floor and have large doors which enables testing of large test devices (i.e. kiosks or hospital settings), as well as easy access for wheelchairs.

External facilities

We research for you, wherever you want. If we are not in your city, we are happy to rent professional external facilities in any major city in the world. Sometimes, there are no dedicated local UX research facilities. If this is the case, we will simply bring in one of our mobile lab solutions.

Mobile lab

We regularly test outside our offices (e.g.. for hard-to-reach target groups or ethnographic settings). For these scenarios, we use our ready-to-use sets of mobile lab equipment (laptops, cameras, tripods, hotspots, and connector cables for backroom observation). No limits to your research project!

Automotive testing setups

Being a leader in UX research in static and dynamic in-vehicle settings, we use an elaborate (and fully vetted) setting for such studies. Using variable poles equipped with several cameras and microphones, as well as, a recording computer, we can equip up to six cars in parallel for full-session recording. Our setup can be mounted within minutes and removed without leaving any marks. Depending on local GSM network stability, sessions can potentially be streamed from moving cars.
Should we run sessions in locations without infrastructure, we use our own power generators and set up pavilion tents for reception, staff, and clients.
Our office headquarters (Dammtorwall, Hamburg) is ideal for static settings, as a parking garage with an empty rooftop and a connection to our office is located next door.

Healthcare settings

We specialize in testing medical devices under realistic, simulated-use conditions. This can range from specific light settings to distractions to complex multi-room or operating-room settings. In our labs, we have simulated pharmacists’ clean rooms, intensive care units, standard hospital rooms, and various operating-rooms. We can also create a living room environment for patient-operated devices.




Dammtorwall 7A
20354 Hamburg
+49 40 8821 566-62

URL: www.uintent.hamburg


c/o Impact Hub
Gotzinger Str. 8
81371 München 
+49 172 447 6684


Steinentorstrasse 19
4051 Basel
+41 78 829 88 66

URL: www.uintent.com/basel


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Our preferred contact channels are carrier pigeons and smoke signs. But we believe in listening to client needs, so we have also set up a phone number and an e-mail address!
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