uintent remote interview / distanced interview solutions

uintent offers a wide range of remote and distance testing services – including setups with multiple translators as well as streaming through our own encrypted streaming server.


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Highly efficient, secure, and convenient

Our stable and reliable streaming service provides us with the option to deliver our interviews to our clients nearly in real time. The stream can also include translation for languages other than the language spoken by the moderator and participants and the attendees can switch between these languages on-the-fly.

Attendees can join the stream from PC, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android devices either through a dedicated client software or a web client.

Attendees can directly chat with the moderator / note-taker during a session or between sessions.

Our streaming service includes several security options to protect the stream from access by unauthorized observers. These includes password protection, an encrypted streaming signal, as well as a waiting area that prevents contact between stream attendees amongst each other and with the actual interview stream.

The right method for your research needs

Remote testing with uintent is not only limited to one-to-one interview but we can also facilitate focus groups or paired interviews and almost all other forms of UX interviews.  

Testing materials and stimulus

Web, software, and apps
We have ample experience with remotely testing deployed / publicly available materials, as well as materials in prototype and development stages. These include software that must be installed on a computer before use, apps for tablets and smartphones, and websites.

Physical interaction
While remote testing of products that require physical interaction in simulated use is not ideal in remote interviews, we offer the alternative of “social distanced” testing in our lab. Moderator and participant are in the same building but are separated by a window. Our high-fidelity audio system transmits the conversation between them without delay and this enables us to test even complicated physical products without direct contact between the participants and our moderators. Of course, all interviews can be observed by stakeholders through our video streaming solutions.

Session streaming through password protected / encrypted video stream from our own video streaming server (based in Germany)

Should there be a requirement by our client to not stream any contents through third party streaming providers, we can provide a password protected, encrypted stream from our own, custom-built streaming server that is located in our office in Hamburg. Attendees can watch the stream through a large variety of different software solutions and are not limited to one client solution.

Session recordings available from our cloud server (high security / based in Germany)

Our session recordings include the video, as well as the original and translated audio in one file. We provide the recordings in a password protected storage space on our cloud server (based in Germany but with high speed downloads in locations around the world) usually within the same day of testing. Single language videos can also be streamed directly from our cloud server – there is no need to download the full file first.

GDPR compliance

All our remote participants digitally sign their agreement with our privacy policy (and an NDA if required) before they join our sessions. They are also informed about their rights pertaining to their personal data as stipulated in the GDPR.

Participants for remote interviews

In the current COVID-19 situation, it paradoxically is easier to get specific user groups and demographics to participate in remote user experience research. Read Jonathan Singh’s article about this.


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