We have a strong vision of how we want to work - and it fuels our motivation every day

We came a long way (learn more about our story) and we wanted to make things different. So we discussed what’s important to all of us and over time it became clear what the pillars of our company culture really are. We defined our manifesto.


We believe in user experience.

We truly believe that great UX makes our lives better and support our clients in developing outstanding products and services. We will invest in future UX services and products that drive the industry forward.


We don't like bullshit.

We are in business since quite a while and like everybody else we have learned to communicate using a language full of phrases but with little meaning. We didn’t like that. Consequently, we don’t overpromise and don’t sell you what you do not need but give you a balanced and completely honest assumption on what approach will work best for your challenge. And we try hard not to fall back into bad behavior.


We commit to sustainibility.

We have built our company the way we like it to be but growth often means sacrificing aspects you love. That’s why we thoroughly think about how to expand our business and keep what’s important to all of us. We are committed to responsible growth, focusing what is right for our clients, our company, and our world.


We foster agility & creativity.

We are set up to promote the max. level of freedom and flexibility – for ourselves and for our clients. What others do for their agile teams and departments is what we do on a company level. Eliminating hierarchies and reducing overhead to an absolute minimum allows us to stay sharp, responsive and open-minded. And if working from a beach tent works for you, it works for us too.


We are all entrepreneurs.

We have created a culture that promotes empowerment and accountability. All of us benefit from the success they help to create through employee-ownership both on local and global level. Consequently, micro-management, qualitative target setting, and hierarchical thinking do not fit our culture and every one of us shoulders parts of the overall responsibility. This vision of an employee-led company arose from the goal of offering uintent’s team members a corporate culture that makes our employees happy in the long term – because Employee Experience is lived by us and is part of our DNA.


We are a global family.

Being an international group of UX talents that closely work together and know each other for many years, we think on a global scale and encourage a vibrant exchange among our employees scattered around the globe. This way we can learn from each other and embrace the diversity that already exists in our global parent company.


We take fun seriously.

We believe being a professional and having fun at work do not contradict each other. We can run Human Factors studies according to FDA regulations or organize a super-complex multi-country car clinic and still have lots of fun doing it. And it is contagious!


Enough about us, let's talk about you!

Our preferred contact channels are carrier pigeons and smoke signs. But we believe in listening to client needs, so we have also set up a phone number and an e-mail address!