Caroline Eckerth

Position: UX Researcher & Adventurer

My official qualification for this job

  • M.Sc. Psychology (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich).
  • I speak German, English, French and Spanish.
  • I have been working as a UX Researcher since 2018.

My real qualification for this job

  • I have already applied a wide variety of UX methods.
  • The latest technical trends and technologies excite me and make me curious.
  • Working in multinational teams inspires me and lets me live out my interest in different cultures.
  • Organising and communicating are energy boosters for me.
  • It is easy for me to put myself in the shoes of those around me, to understand them and to pick up on their impressions, emotions and ideas.

What I am particularly good at

  • I like to venture into unknown territory, quickly accept changes and new challenges and work with focus on new solutions - preferably together with a motivated team.
  • Combining qualitative and quantitative methods suits me very well and allows me to get to the core of user needs.
  • I can engage and motivate my colleagues and inspire them with my ideas.

The notorious fun facts you need to have on such a page

  • I am an all-round enthusiastic (outdoor) sportswoman with a black karate belt and take the precaution of buying a 25 kg bag of oatmeal every year so that I don't run out of energy.
  • As a motivated hobby gardener, I am happy about every piece of vegetable that grows on my balcony.