Iris K.

Position: User Researcher & Kimono lady

My official qualification for this job

  • I speak German, English and Japanese. Chinese is coming soon.
  • 3 years of experience as a user researcher in various industries

My real qualification for this job

  • I love it when things and people live up to their potential.
  • As a lefty, I have known the value of usability and UX work for my entire life.
  • I am a good and engaged listener.
  • Luckily, I enjoy organizing.

What I am particularly good at

  • Adaptability: Growing up in a collectivistic culture, I fit in quickly and easily in different settings.
  • Interview: I create a comfortable and safe atmosphere where interviewees can quickly open up and share whatever on their mind.
  • Knowledge management: I have a strong interest in making the most of the ever-growing knowledge from UX research. Currently, concepts like atomic research and research repository fascinate me.

The notorious fun facts you need to have on such a page

  • I wear exclusively toe socks.
  • I like wearing classic Kimonos. The oldest one from my collection is supposed to be ~100 years old.
  • I have absolute pitch. The best way to annoy me is to sing songs with random note names. :D