Tara Bosenick (formerly known as Tim Bosenick)

Position: UX Evangelist & Movie Collector

My official qualification for this job

  • Diploma in Sociology (University of Hamburg, 1999)
  • Speak German and English
  • 22 years of experience in UX research

My real qualification for this job

  • UX expertise: I founded 9 companies in the area of UX
  • UX network: I co-founded the User Experience Alliance (UXalliance), the first global UX network International
  • UX expertise: I co-founded one of the first foreign-owned UX research companies in China
  • UX processes: I have helped a lot of companies to set up internal UX teams and processes
  • Leadership: I can motivate teams

What I am particularly good at

  • Employee experience: Applying UX methods and processes to employees is a topic close to my heart. I think that motivated and valued employees are a virtue, as well as, lead the company to higher profitability.
  • UX processes: I help set up UX teams and processes within companies.
  • Methods and quantitative UX: In the last 20 years, I have developed several methods to measure UX and set up dozens of benchmarking systems.

The notorious fun facts you need to have on such a page

  • I own approximately 2,000 DVDs.
  • I own approximately 150 pairs of shoes.
  • I have two children.