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What We Do

We at uIntent aim at providing all relevant research and consulting services you need to make your users and / or employees happier with your product and to make your product safer to use. We do not see these services as monolithic silos but will think about the benefit of combining methods from different research approaches for every single project we offer.
User-centered Design
Today, people embrace companies that provide them with stellar experiences and help them to best meet their needs and goals. That is why everything we do puts a sharp focus on your users and customers. No matter what type of project you run with us – from classic UX research to conceptual design to human factors testing – we always put the user first. Using the framework of User-centered design, we support you in iteratively analyzing, ideating and testing your product until your customer gets the best experience possible.
Focusing on your users does not mean that we do not take your business goals and/or technological restraints into account though. Bringing in the Design Thinking approach, we involve all your key stakeholders throughout the process.

User Centered Design diagram

Conceptual Design
Understanding the users is crucial to product development and innovation. Therefor we integrate the user’s perspective into this early stage of the development process. Considering the audience, purpose and context of the product enables us to develop concepts that really address the users’ needs. These concepts are elaborated iteratively during the process, from first sketch to wireframe or working prototype.


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Human Factors
We partner with you to make your medical device safe and effective according to IEC 62366, FDA guidance and latest EU regulations. We are happy to guide you through the complete process or also to only perform those parts and studies you would like to outsource.

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User Experience Research
In a century devoted to a digital lifestyle where people interact with products, services and applications, a deep understanding of our target audience and their experiences is paramount.

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Employee Experience
Recruiting becomes more difficult, candidates become more demanding (Generation Y …), good employees are becoming harder to keep, work is becoming more digital (and often internal IT systems are not really usable), and rigid hierarchies are becoming less and less appropriate within agile projects. What to do? Research and optimize the employee experience of your employees in a targeted, holistic manner and as part of a Design Thinking project.

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Meta Consulting
Do you have the feeling that UX should be an integral part of your company, too? But how to break up deep rooted behaviors? We lend you our 20 years experience and make your organization truly user centered!

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Who We Are

We are a User Experience
and Consulting Agency,
founded in Hamburg in 2018
So. Here we are where a website usually tells you about the philosophy of the company and why it o-so-well corresponds with the brand name. The truth is that we had such a stunning brand name and philosophy and all of that. But a few days before launch we learned that somebody else holds a trade mark on it.

Bang. Story gone. But does it really matter?

We are still the same people. People who are in this business and some of us have been for 20 years. People you have known and worked with for years. People who were among the first to found UX companies a long time ago – who defined and grew that industry.

So what you will get from us is solid experience, dedication to the work we deliver to you. We are intentful people. We are reliable partners who will never talk bullshit to you. Our employees own our company. So you can be sure that all of us go the extra mile to give you the best experience possible.
Ah, and yes. It’s gonna be fun working with us.

That is a promise.

We are employee-owned

uIntent is owned by the people who work at uIntent – we have invested our own funds in the company and are independent from any outside investor / venture capital.

By being employee owned, we make sure that everyone is engaged in the business and that we can conduct it in a way that is right for our clients and for us.

We are a ISO-9001-certified:

We are a member of ESOMAR:

We are a member of AAMI:

NOUN / Intention or purpose.
ADJECTIVE / determined to do something showing earnest and eager attention
If you do not take your users‘ intent seriously, you will fail to provide them with the stellar experience they deserve. We at uIntent have seen frustrated users for years and know how important their needs and goals are to a company‘s success. That‘s why we always focus on your users‘ intentions and goals.
We always respect the constraints you are faced with, but we will challenge status quo if it benefits your users. Our own intent is to create the best experiences your users can get. We are honest and passionate. We bring years of experience and a ‘no bullshit’ approach to every meeting, every project, every recommendation.
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