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We can measure and benchmark the user experience (UX) and usability of your human-machine interfaces and also provide the tools and services to improve them – globally in nearly every country in the world.

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UX for the human-machine interface

During the last 20 years we have gained experience in diverse approaches and concepts for research and advising machine manufacturers in development of machine & device interfaces.

Applying our methods and tools, we help our clients with…

  • … reducing human error in machine operation
  • … reducing service costs
  • … lowering the amount of user training required to operate machinery safely
Based on our experience in industries with normative requirements (e.g. automotive and medical devices) we have also created a reliable tool-set to measure and benchmark the UX of existing and prototype state devices. To allow stakeholders to get a quick overview on both qualitative and quantitative findings or to dive deep into the research data, we provide interactive dashboards to display the data.

In the past years, we have worked in complex, global scale projects for large device and machine manufacturers such as Carl Zeiss, Airbus, Siemens, Audi, BMW, BSH, Volkswagen and many others.


We support your journey through all steps of development

We have completed projects at global levels from the early prototypes on through to fully concluded benchmark stages and the many other phases in between.


Understanding the context and exploring the users‘ requirements towards a device’s interface is key to successful interface design.

  • Innovate based on user feedback
  • Inform your new concepts by early user research data to understand how your products can better face future challenges and needs.
  • Understand and compare competitor features to learn what works and what not.

Research tools we use

  • Personas
  • Contextual inquiry
  • Concept assessments
  • Focus groups
  • Comparative usability testing


One of our basic convictions is that testing should happen as early and as often as possible in the development process – and that design should be based on research. We have seen too many products fail because their manufacturer did not think that users should be involved in the process until the product was market ready.

  • Test low fidelity prototypes and concepts in a lab based setting for a quick and cost efficient turnaround.
  • Test your new device's holistic user experience in a realistic setting - including noise, dirt and multitasking. Leverage our team's long term experience in executing lab- and location-based usability tests.
  • Run your UX test in a factory / plant and make use of our knowledge on how to create a setting that benefits both stakeholders and participants.

Research tools we use

  • Prototyping
  • Rapid iterative testing (RITE)
  • User interviews & observation
  • Expert review
  • Quantitative information architecture testing
  • On-location testing


Over the past years we have ourselves developed into experts in UX benchmarking and have established several validated benchmarking approaches and KPIs that take all measures of user experience into account. They measure what they are meant to measure, allow comparison with historical data and will even provide prognosis on the impact of improvements of a tested device.

  • We make use of the full suite of UX subjective and objective datapoints and create a custom made benchmarking concept that reports exactly the KPIs you need to communicate in your organization.
  • We calculate complex statistical correlations to ensure the benchmarking approach measures what it is supposed to and that it is not vulnerable to criticism in your company.
  • We can provide eye-tracking and occlusion glasses for testing - for additional insights regarding the users' perception of the tested system.

Research tools we use

  • Custom made UX models & KPIs
  • UX benchmarking
  • UX tracking
  • Eye tracking
  • Occlusion glasses


Only few organizations collect, store and provide access to research results in a structured way, resulting in an unfortunate loss of information. The same topics tend to get researched over and over again.
  • To solve this problem, we have implemented results databases for several clients. Every study we now carry out for them is automatically filed into that system where contents can be searched for by keyword or navigated for by topic.
  • Certain industrial target groups are hard to reach. We set up private panels for you that allow fast and easy access to the right users.
  • We are happy to consult you how to ideally coordinate your research, align your teams and transfer knowledge into your organization.

Research tools we use

  • Results databases
  • Private panels
  • UX infrastructure
  • UX coordination & management
  • Team alignment
  • Knowledge transfer


Meet Jan and Remik, our industrial UX experts

Let’s discuss how we can support you in improving your customers‘ experience.

Elisabeth Umbach

Experience creator and UX expert at UINTENT HAMBURG

Jan Panhoff

Experience creator and UX expert at UINTENT HAMBURG
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