Patrick Kusel

Position: Quant- & World of Warcraft wizard

My official qualification for this job

  • Studied Psychology
  • Speak German and English
  • 22 years of experience in UX & online research

My real qualification for this job

  • I know how to handle lots of numbers
  • I worked over 15 years on the “other side” (as a client of UX agencies)
  • I am pragmatic
  • I can organize
  • I get it done no matter what

What I am particularly good at

  • Automotive: Organize car clinics with no problems
  • Online surveys: I will handle all of your needs for numbers and interpret them
  • I know how to understand and evaluate your customers’ point of view, be it B2C or B2B

The notorious fun facts you need to have on such a page

  • I paint small figurines and move them around in my basement
  • Leading raids in World of Warcraft since BETA twice a week