Design-Test-Implement-Repeat! Make using your software a powerful experience

Whatever you create, we help you to design valuable experiences from user requirements analysis to user interface design and iterative testing.
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Our experience in software and web development

  • design_tools Design tools
  • Low fidelity prototypes
  • Wireframes & Mockups
  • Information architecture
  • agile Agile UX & Usability Testing
  • Remote & lab-based testing
  • Eye tracking
  • requirements_analysis Requirements analysis
  • Contextual inquiries
  • 1-on-1 interviews & focus groups
  • prototype Prototyping methods
  • User co-creation workshops
  • Rapid iterative testing
  • Card Sorting & Tree testing
  • benchmark Benchmarking
  • Custom-made benchmarking models
  • Metrics design
  • Implementation and execution
  • journey User journeys & mapping
  • Customer journey map
  • Scenarios, use cases & user stories


Great UX is in our source code

With our 20 years of experience we will build a custom-made approach for your project. Together with you we will combine and connect the different elements – from defining user requirements through early user research, designing information architectures and prototypes to iterative testing to get immediate feedback on your concept ideas – to create outstanding experiences for your users.
Plus, we have worked in many industries to improve the user experience of software and web interfaces, e. g. finance, travel, e-commerce and information technology on customer and business level.


We help you to select the right tools to design and develop your product in an agile way.

Developing an effective and valuable experience with your software or web interface starts by understanding your target audience and proceeds with idea creation, design and iterative testing. The result will be a successful product your users will love.


In a century devoted to digital interactions, a deep understanding of your target audience and their experiences is paramount. It is essential to know, upfront, for whom you design and what our users need; this concept is simple, though often forgotten.
  • Inform your project by early user research data to understand your users' characteristics and discover hidden needs.
  • Analyze your users' pain points and requirements along their customer journey to find out which challenges your product should address.

Research tools we use

  • Focus groups
  • Contextual inquiry
  • 1-on-1 interviews
  • Requirements analysis
  • Segmentation & cluster analysis
  • Ethnography


There are a million ways to execute research! However, testing and designing your idea from wire frames to functional prototypes in an iterative way saves you nerves and time.
  • Iteratively test early designs with a small sample to get feedback fast and cost efficient.
  • Test low fidelity prototypes and concepts in a remote or lab-based setting.

Research tools we use

  • Design sprints
  • User co-creation techniques
  • Wireframing/Prototyping
  • Rapid Iterative Testing (RITE)
  • Usability / UX Testing
  • Remote usability testing
  • Eye tracking
  • Expert review
  • Card sorting & tree testing


Your new software is launched and you want to keep track of your users’ satisfaction? By continuously measuring your customers’ experience you can detect changes in user needs and react quickly!
  • We create a dedicated UX benchmark concept for your product and measure it's success.
  • We run studies to gather insights on your user satisfaction.
  • We create results data bases or online dashboard for the research results for you to keep track of your research efforts.

Research tools we use

  • Custom made UX models & KPIs
  • UX benchmarking
  • UX tracking
  • Eye tracking


It often happens that organizations do not know how to implement UX research processes into their development or how to reach their target audience for testing purposes.
  • We consult you in how to align your teams, efficiently coordinate your research and transfer the information into your organisation.
  • Some user groups, especially on a business level are hard to get. We have a wide network of recruiters to reach your users.

Research tools we use

  • UX & Design Thinking trainings
  • Agile & UX integration
  • UX coordination & management


Meet Simon and Kai, our lead software and web UX experts

Let’s discuss how we can support you in improving your customers‘ experience.

Simon Harder

UX project lead and user research expert at UINTENT HAMBURG

Kai Hoppenheidt

Design researcher and expert for business software at UINTENT MUNICH
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