Jan Panhoff

Position: Automotive UX expert & board game enthusiast

My official qualification for this job

  • Master of Science, Digital Media (University of Bremen and University of the Arts Bremen, 2004)
  • Speak German and English
  • 15 years of experience in UX research

My real qualification for this job

  • I always challenge the status quo
  • I am pragmatic
  • I strive to find new and better solutions for problems, while spending as little money as possible
  • I work best as part of a team – I love creating and improving concepts as part of a group

What I am particularly good at

  • Automotive research: I have run numerous studies for car OEMs and have tested more than a hundred different car models
  • E-Commerce research: I have worked as an in-house UX consultant at eBay for nearly 10 years

The notorious fun facts you need to have on such a page

  • Before starting in UX, I had many other jobs. I was an IT admin for a large government organization, gardener, driver, physical therapist assistant, and furniture mover.
  • I play pen & paper role-playing games – it’s one of those things that gets better with age.
  • I own a working 486 computer that I built from parts in 2018 just to play 1990s computer games with glorious Roland MT32 sound again.

Get in touch:

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